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Bo H.

Menlo Park, California
I like doing exercise with music and have fun during the workout. I enjoy gourmet food. So I need more exercise. The only problem is not having regular time to commit my plan.
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Dec 17 2008 by Fanda

Hi Bo,

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Cheers, Fanda

Cheers, Fanda

Dec 03 2008 by shixianli
we confornt the same problem,I also like sports very much,and set my goal everyday,but at last I take little action!
Mar 21 2008 by Greg D.

I've gained 1lb per year starting from 120lbs after high school.  Losing weight is almost impossible for me, because I like to eat, especially chocolate, so realistically, if I maintain my weight this year taking Stanford Be Well Classes, I will be satisfied.



Mar 11 2008 by Bo H.
I take Tai Chi class once a week at Stanford.  Master Shudong Li is my teacher.  I have learnt from Yang 24 style to the current Chen Old Style.  I didn't pay a lot attention before when I saw people playing Tai Chi.  But after I started to take this class, I really feel the internal energy which helps me to relax and also gets me sweated.  I hope I can find some people to practise more during the break time at work.
Mar 10 2008 by Kristen D.
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