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Hello to anyone reading this :~) I have had issues with Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the past ten years or so. I'm a 29 year old female living in the UK. When I blog I don't restrict myself to health issues, although they do play a big role when my problems are flaring... Full Bio
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Yoga – The eagle has (crash) landed

I’ve been to yoga this week.  I’ve flirted with yoga classes for years and years, never attending a class with any real...

ESA benefit changes – how will it affect me?

I started writing on this topic and the post became too long, so I’m splitting it.  I am one person, affected by a welfare...

Sadness and other random stuff that makes this title unsuccinct!

I don’t think unsuccinct is a word.  I looked it up after the red line appeared underneath.  No immediate hits on the on line reference...

The People vs A. Mouse

  One rodent of mouse like proportions, brownish in colour, spotted by House Dwellers (HDs), about three weeks ago, in a...

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