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Up in the {Book} Club! by KMunoz28 I can feel David laughing at me.  He calls me his little nerd girl.  But I know he secretly loves the way I get so caught up in a book that I completely ignore him.  I think ... Read on »
Wordless Wednesday: Say what now Starbucks?! by KMunoz28 OK I know I said wordless but can we just discuss this real quick?!  What the heck just happened? expect this much from Whataburger, but what the crap Starbucks.  500 Calori ... Read on »
Menu Plan Monday: May 18th by KMunoz28 Southwest Steak Wraps We are in the final stretch of the school year and everyone has a bad case of the blahs.  Suddenly my boys who are usually up and dr ... Read on »
Birthday Boy by KMunoz28 Dear Anthony, Was it really 10 years ago that the nurses put you in my arms.  It felt like I had waited days to hold you and I was beyond terrified that I would b ... Read on »
Menu Plan Monday: May 11th by KMunoz28 Y'all!  These boys won't stop eating.  Both seem to have hit growth spurts at the same time and I'm all over here with no appetite.  The struggle is real.  I kid.  About the ... Read on »
Menu Plan Monday: May 4th by KMunoz28 Ok!  I am back to the land of the living.  Last week I was probably the sickest I have been in years. But right before I was going to the Dr, I had an amazing recovery and a ... Read on »
Liver Clinic by KMunoz28 I had my follow up with the liver clinic on Monday and the week went downhill from there. Its just been another one of those weeks that I really had to struggle to get throu ... Read on »
Menu Plan Monday: April 27th by KMunoz28 Dinners are so mixed up around here with Davids work schedule.  I've been sharing my menu with a day by day breakdown but guess what.  I am horrible and sticking to the days ... Read on »
Wordless Wednesday: My Poor Dog! by KMunoz28 Chico was bit by another dog!  Hes on the mend but looking ruff! Read on »
Menu Plan Monday: April 20th by KMunoz28 Remember last week how I was so excited to get back in my kitchen.  Yeah, by Tuesday, I was done.  I came down with this nasty cold.  That we were worried was the flu, but n ... Read on »