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World of Warcraft 5.3 Pet PVP Battle alter incentives to increase

Posted Jun 18 2013 3:29am

In addition, the 5.3 version removed base dodge rate of 5%,  buy gw2 gold and reduces the chance to hit high-grade targets not; while the original difference between a non-hit rate of 5%, adjusted to 2% now.The official pointed out that, in turn-based games, randomness, if properly adjust the control will be a very interesting feature; less randomness results in the launch of any battle before the first attack, might be predicted to This is not fun. So when the player can choose if you want to take advantage of the randomness of nature, in exchange for a higher intensity of attacks, or a longer cooling time, the randomness can play the best effect.

In fact, many high damage combat pet skills have a lower chance to hit, but in the 5.3 version of these probabilities will be listed in the tooltip.Removed in the 5.3 version of the basis of 5% dodge rate, resulting into a 100% chance to hit in many skills, so we made an adjustment for these skills, including a large number of skills will have higher injury, but The hit probability will be reduced. It is worth mentioning that all types of combat pet will have at least a 100% chance to hit with the skills, the player can decide randomness on whether to bet or to choose a lower risk way of fighting.
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