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What I'm reading.

Posted Jan 31 2013 10:12am
IMG_20130126_204838. I've been a little book crazy.  I usually read one book at a time, but at one point last week it was 4.  Here is what I was reading.

Mockingjay - I started this book last and finished it first.  I loved the Hunger Games movie.  The books for me were no different.   Now that I have seen the first movie, I have all their faces in my head.  Most people say they like the books better than the movie but I am more of a visual person.  I love to see things even more than I love to read them.  Half the time I am let down, but this was not one of them.  The ending is slowly growing on me and I cant wait for the other two movies to come out!

Unglued - This book is all about emotions and its pretty spot on.  The title itself, reaches out to me and screams "Read me!"  Unglued: Making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.  YUP!  I need to finish it.  In the book the author suggest there are 4 categories of unglued reaction.
Exploders who shame themselves.
Exploders who blame others
Stuffers who build barriers
Stuffers who collect retaliation rocks.
What kind of unglued are you?  Me?  I'm a little of all 4!  Clearly I needed this book to guide me a little as my life has been a little unglued lately!

A is for Alibi - I have been reading this book for over 2 weeks now.  I'm only on Chapter 5.  I want so badly to get pulled in to it, but it seems even the slightest distraction pulls me away.  I picked it up because someone suggested that I might like it.  I was looking for a series to read after I had caught up on my Stephanie Plum series and she she felt this was something similar. The humor is just not there.  I'm going to keep reading though, in hopes of getting in to it.  I'm not one to quit at book in the middle anyways.

Where the Sidewalk End - What is there to say here?  I love this book as a child.  I bought it for Anthony when he was only 2 or 3.  And now that he is 7 we are going though it again.  A few poems each night.  The boys thing they are so silly and they make for some very interesting conversations before bedtime.  Alex mostly just likes the little drawings.

Safe Haven and Gone Girl and a few others are sitting on my nightstand just begging to be started.  The Husband List and The Game of Thrones are are on their way.  Lots of good reads.  I am always open to more suggestions! What are you reading these days?
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