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Usb power pack parameters

Posted Jan 02 2013 3:11am
Mobile power parameters. Capacity: Portable mobile power pack in mAh (milliamp hours). Mobile power built-in battery capacity 550-10000mAh. General phone battery capacity of mobile power pack 600-800mAh, general digital camera battery capacity of 1000mAh, general the MP3 battery capacity 200-300mAh; Output voltage: imitation computer USB port and mobile phone charger for about 5V; Output current: 350 mA; Charging time: Use the original charger, about 6-8 hours. Cycle life: full charge and discharge 500 times, more than 70% of the remaining capacity. Mobile power can charge all mobile power equipment? The phone launched mobile power usb power pack for most mobile electronic devices use lithium-ion battery charging, including most cell phones, MP3, game consoles, GPS, digital cameras and other charge. Its output voltage is 5V digital camera (requires 9V), partially used batteries, MP3, laptop (need 12V-22V) charging. The same time, even if the voltage match, if no suitable charging connector can not be charged. Consumers to buy our products, if the device has a data line, usually by computer USB port charging;
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