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Unique Tibetan Silver Earrings

Posted Mar 07 2013 8:39am

Silver is a coveted and precious metal that is extracted from the earth's crust in the form of an ore. It is mixed with an alloy, usually nickel, so that it can be made harder and then shaped into earrings. Come earrings are made without nickel and use copper or zinc because of allergic reactions that nickel can cause ins some people. These earrings are made into a design or shape and then attached to the hooks or screws that help pt them unto the ear.

The cost of silver earrings can vary depending on the style of the earring. The main factors are the skill required to make tem and the total weight of the handmade silver earrings. The more intricate the earring, the costlier it will be. The price also increases consequently as the weight of the earring increases. Most silver earrings are however affordable and reasonably priced. They are cheaper than gold or platinum earrings. Some of them also have gemstones embedded in them and carvings or etching done on them. These too will cost more.

Silver earrings are a wonderful fashion accessory. They are affordable to most people. They look very lovely and enchanting and can never go out of style. They have a unique tone that attracts most people towards them. Caring for them is quite easy and simple. They also make excellent gifts that can be gifted to people of all age groups on a variety of occasions. They can bring out the beauty of any dress and make you look very pretty. Due to this, silver earrings are highly favored by most people and are their first preference. They can hence never go out of fashion and will always remain in vogue.

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