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the Yan of Shamballa Earrings

Posted Nov 05 2012 6:09am
"Yan, you see this bamboo!"Is cold to around wear a bamboo to turn circle:"Nothing important special place!"Lookinging at of Yan oddness bamboo:"Cautiously see!"Is cold to point at bamboo some one section is among them:"Is cold to love Yan forever!Whole life one a life time!"The Yan a word a word reads bamboo up write of word, the facial expression is slowly rosy!"All of what I engraved is that I want to say to you!"Is cold to looking at eyes of Yan very hard, a short moment the empress is cold slowly Shamballa Necklace depend pass by!Just wanted in the lips contiguous of time, the Yan is deceitful on smiling, turned round to run backward!"Good ah!You are intentional!Stop, compensate me to reveal true sentiment a fee!"Is cold shout loudly to close on the heels of it up!4 people a per the temples have been doing obeisance, the very quick color of the sky dimed down!4 people start mountain but go!"Is really tired, are the feet very painful?Is still hungry, hurriedly descend mountain to have a meal!Don't go quickly!"The sun walks on the troops' end noodles, Be walking and reading Dao:"The Yi before has a store and walk quickly!"Is cold at present a bright, quickly rush to go toward the store:however rest 3 people aren't slow, a short while effort was store doorway!"The owner gives me ice water, more the ice is more good!Hurry!I don't go!"The sun picks the big breathes heavily thick spirit on the counter: the owner roar with laughter of took a bottle of water for him, see he raise head and then drink and wait he to lower the head, water has been already done!Is public to stare at him with the look in the eyes of seeing the monster, he basically ignore, and then finds out a few snacks to eat!Is cold to looking at him to shake like this, once took water for Yan and month!4 people sit in a shop in take a rest!"Yan, is this good-looking?I buy 1 rightness, we an one person!"Is cold to take a string of bracelet of jade system!"I see, still this is good-looking!"The Yan equally pickeds up a string of bracelet, just and coldly and a little bit have a little a dissimilarity!The discussion along while result of the 2 people conflicting views is cold to still keep listenning to the suggestion of Yan!Was cold to once pay, took for Yan!"We don't personally dismantle after taking up, you also prohibit after walking, I can't descend, either of, until we are shamballa beads meeteach other, you change for me in person!There is still 1 rightness in my home, I take to you before you walk and take ascend equally prohibit to personally dismantle!"The Yan takes a little bit some serious facial expressions to looking at cold:"Ha ha, my wife to I take of, I can't descend!"Tremble with fear an inside sweet sweetly smile:"Who your wife?Hum!"Once the Yan stamp foot and choked cold for a while!"You see, someone murdered close man!"The cold cachinnation wears small run to below the hills but go:the Yan dhji7465 close on the heels of but up!On running a to make track for, a front one empress cachinnation write ended the itinerary of top of hill!"Yan arrived county city!Come to quickly!"Was lightly cold to shake under depend in the Yan of Shamballa Earrings his bosom!Yan a pair of charming eyes peep out the facial expression of being fond of the Mang and see cold, smiled to stand!Handed bludger to deeply stand down in the cold Chan car!"Leave!Have a meal!I am hungry to be getting worse!"The month at first is to walk toward the big row of wayside!Is public to close on the heels of, one person ordered a vegetables and sat down to eat voraciously, a short moment effort then breeze book cripple cloud clean up an empty!"BE full, the skies are all black!Connect down to do what?"The sun first finishes eating, then intending to connect down should go to dry!"Our a short while goes home, don't want to stay we tonight!"The month unexpectedly comes out such a!Is cold to mutually see wry smile to get up with sun!"Feed, feed, feed!Who be staying you?Do you leave me to still need to go home!Is cold must also go to my house tonight!"The sun answers criticism, eyes Piao the month is one eye, feel pretty much disdain to:"You hum!"The month drum spirit Sai helps, not is talking:"I say that your wanting only a short while doesn't fight a body the top is suffered BE?"Being cold to looking at their shapes is really funny: the Yan seem to be already to be used to their quarreling and basically ignore and just see one eye, then lower the head to seem is just thinking what affair!"Like, good!Let's literally take a walk!Then go home to go to bed, has fun down also Be getting more tired for a day!"Is cold to start, start to pull the hand dynasty street of Yan to walk!Sun and month are quarreling and following behind cold literally strolled!
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