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The Sick Room

Posted Jan 18 2013 3:50pm
I heard David moving about the room so I jumped up and apologized for not packing his lunch before I went back to bed.  Confused, he looked at me and let me know that it was 3 am and he was just getting home from work not leaving.  Yup, it was one of those nights.

Yesterday I kept Ant home from school because of his very bad cough.  The same cough he had so graciously shared with Lex and I.  The same cough I was praying would just go away.  No such luck.  I had the boys in bed with me watching a movie early in the afternoon.  They both fell asleep so I let them sleep.  Come bed time, thankfully Anthony went straight to sleep but Alex was up well into the morning.  

He fell asleep around one.  By 2 he was crying because his legs were hurting and he was burning up.  So I gave him some medicine and we went back to sleep.  At three I woke up and freaked out about Davids lunch.  Around 4 the vomiting started.  Another hour of sleep before round two.  At 5:55 he had to go to the bathroom so I figured I would just stay up.  When I went to wake up Anthony.....he was burning up.  So while his brother was finally sleeping I got him all medicated and hydrated and sent him back to bed.  

Alex only slept for a little while and David was still tossing and turning, so we went and camped out on the couch for a little bit.  But then the couch was uncomfortable and Alex was sweaty and getting stuck to the leather.  So we went and camped out in the boys room.  Me, Alex, Anthony and Poncho all snuggled up on the bed.  If only I could have gotten a picture.  P-Dog takes up more space than I do.  And between the 3 boys, I was sweating up a storm.  

Before he left again for work at noon, David came in and declared the room the sick room.  He said goodbye to us and was on his way.  I honestly think he was running away,  its like the plague in here.  Alex and I moved back to my room.  Its much more comfy in here.  And he is currently sleeping like a rock.  I give him a few more minuets before he starts crying because on top of it all, he has major growing pains.  And will scream out in pain until I massage his legs.  Breaks my heart to hear him cry like that.  

Tonight, its chicken noodle soup for dinner.  I'm going to give this recipe a try.  Heart carrots and all.  Aren't they the cutest carrots you ever seen!  Click on the picture to hop over to Sophistimom to get the recipe and see how she shaped the carrots.  

chicken-soup-txSophistimom: Chicken Soup and heart shaped carrots
The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend.  Plus its a long weekend.  But my chances of going to the Zoo like I planned aren't looking to hot right about now.  Although some fresh air might do us all a whole lot of good!  Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?  Hopefully we will all be better and I will have stories and photos to share.  I LOVE the San Antonio Zoo. 

Kids are crying, that's my cue!  Have a great weekend!  
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