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Rubio, who publicly support pau gasol: if the lakers don't he timberwolves welcome

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:30am
security, so timberwolves can choose through a transaction processing off his contract, or wait for Roy returned. To Roy is concerned, he will choose to continue to Nike Air Max 2012 Mens work hard, because he did not give up the plan, as he said in an interview: "I know the condition of the knee." As the trade deadline approaching, perhaps at that time, everything will be clear.Beijing time on February 1,, according to the Associated Press reported, pau gasol is undoubtedly the pride of the Spanish basketball, he is in the stars gathered in the Spanish men's basketball team has a high prestige. But nowadays, this is considered to be in the NBA [micro bo] technology the most comprehensive power forward only in the Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] team worked as a substitute for him, can't help letting person feel some regret. Recently, the timberwolves point guard Ritchie rubio, who open step up support big brother, said the lakers this way for pau gasol is not fair. Tomorrow, timberwolves will be at home against the lakers. So in training today after the end, in the face of the reporter's interview, rubio, who natural avoided gasol's Nike Air Max 2012 Womens topic. The Spanish jin in the interview revealed he usually often in the NBA and the effectiveness of the Spanish players communication, and a special mention for gasol, rubio, who think gasol through all these years of hard work, with the strength has been proved that he was the league's top players. For pau gasol was recently put on the bench, rubio, who was very angry, and said: "if the lakers don't want him, our team welcome him." Unable to adapt to. Anthony tactical system, pau gasol in the end of last year reemerge in trade rumors, and at that time would like to obtain his team is included in the timberwolves. It is understood that the rubio, who has been looking forward to and pau gasol become teammates, and timberwolves also proposed to nicola - pelosi's family in 2011 and "2 pick show" Derek - Nike Air Max 2011 Williams as chip for pau gasol, but by the lakers in refused to. This season, the timberwolves record once played well, but because of injuries, especially the main power forward low [micro bo] injured truce, make their strength severely affected, and the goal of the playoffs is further away from it. So it is no wonder that rubio, who could be so urgently hope gasol to join.Beijing time on February 1,, according to the Toronto sun "report, for the raptors, it get Rudy gay may only be the beginning of a series of big action. Recently, "general manager Brian JiLuo crown in an interview made it clear that Andrea - and leave the Toronto raptors, Virginia day estimate not far away. The news how many person feels some shock, after all, it was Brian - crown with a JiLuo first chosen and sign, Virginia, and so much years, they have been built the Italian team as the core to develop. But since the 2010-11 season with an outbreak of years later, and Virginia because of injury, relationship, some time. Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 This season he played just 21 games due to injury and missed. Averaging 16 points is nearly five seasons and the minimum. "Virginia and, in the market by the original is to chase after hold in both hands, but he got hurt." Crown JiLuo said, "but this does not mean that we will go to trade him. After all, his talent is very outstanding, but in some cases, the team need to make some changes. He didn't ask to be traded, but if the ripe for words, I believe he also won't object to." Virginia and the contract, with the last two years. If he's physical health and normal play of words, his offensive ability is very strong. But at the same time, his body of defect is obvious anomaly. "We are not bound to trade him." Crown JiLuo then said, "we are the primary goal is to hope he resume health as soon as possible to play, a contribution to the team. As for other things and then depends." According to another report Grantland, the raptors array has two players may well become a Rudy gay the deal, they are the victims of bashan, Virginia and Lithuania in the striker's, kleiza.
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