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recall that this time last year our class took nike free run sale the league title

Posted Jan 04 2013 7:54am
Day-to-day really quickly, unlike the previous old wondered play something boring spend time, the high school senior day I understand a lot of things.Not demand can be met without that time not enough people who cherish the time, feel that the day is still very long can be used to splurge, not the time to abandon him, but since throwing abandon myself.I am now the rainy season, is to accept the baptism of rain. The class is my youngest, oldest 4 years older than me, but this is not a gap between the still get along rapport, learn together, play together, play together, with trouble, with great interest the discussion of a beautiful girl. But now that the days will soon be gone gone our separate ways,Classmates of this period of time will eventually loaded into memory.Once saw nike lunarglide 3 for sale an article on the abstracts: like a mature shortcut! Like a girl in the third year, the case of my wishful thinking, I was troubled by this thing for a long time, and finally could not resist, and she was white, of course, there will be no results. But I am glad, I took a shortcut!

One week exercise two or three times, once ran four or five laps, I feel very comfortable day southerly Zhengda, kite flying, a few girls bad technology playground, half a day to put it up, I sit while quietly wait and see, they is the third year, there are so elegant leisure, really cute, smiling face shine and sunset, the laughter fluttered a beautiful landscape. I suddenly feel that they are in flying dreams, whether successful or not! Another playground in the game, sophomore football league, girls cheerleaders are very positive, recall that this time last year our class took nike free run sale the league title. Sweat and passion burning! Watching them, I understand "sailed the seven seas make life difficult for water Gorges cloud!" Sunsets shiny red half of the sky, shiny red my face, peaceful, quiet stroll in the campus. I slowly taste a full and happy day. In the sunset of the day, I have not so experience it mild.
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