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Micron Associates Article reviews

Posted May 07 2013 11:02am

Apple iTV with finger-worn iRing remote control expected to launch this year

Apple has been long-rumored on attempts to have their own television as they look to sneak their way into other markets and created iWatch, this dream seems to find its way on the conversation.

The Apple’s iTV will have, according to one analyst as he detailed very specific components, an iPad-sized second screen on which to watch media, and a ring you wear on your finger that acts as a remote control.

Apple’s iTV is a nickname adopted by the public but it isn’t actually an Apple TV. It is Apple’s little digital streaming box that is similar to a Roku. iTV would definitely make its way for Apple to make it in the living room because unlike Apple TV, the iTV would be a full television. It is a gigantic untapped market and the objective of just about every new device from the Steam Box and Ouya to 3D printers and tablets. Currently, as BGR calls attention to, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White has been meeting with Apple supply chains in China and Taiwan and engaged as much information about the iTV as he possibly will, counting its size, unique remote control, and killer feature.

White noted that Apple will be launching the iTV sometime toward the end of this year, and said that the unit will include “a major innovation that will revolutionize the TV experience” in a letter to investors. While that wording is enticing, we’ve undoubtedly heard it all before regarding a number of products that didn’t bring out on the words. Still, White said some interesting niceties. Foremost, though there is a possibility Apple will also launch a 50- to 55-inch model, he expects iTV to be a 60-inch television. But this could be a problem to those living in a small room for it will make it harder to watch the in the television.

Apple iTV with finger-worn iRing remote control expected to launch this year, micron associates article reviews

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