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LOVENOX-Turning my blonde hair RED and is now dry and brittle!

Posted by akl44

Has anyone else been experiencing while being on Lovenox (.90mg/day) that their hair is turning a coppery red and/or being brittle, with breakage??

 At first, it started as a DVT, which broke free and turned into a PE in late August. Since then I have been on only Lovenox.  While in the hospital one of the nurses asked me if I had red in my hair, and I said no, because I never did-I have blonde hair with blonde highlights-since I was restricted to bedrest and couldn't wash my hair so I really didn't think anything of it...after washing my hair several times to get the red out of my blonde highlights, it was there for good.  Shortly afterwards, I started noticing that my hair was very dry, brittle and breaking off for no apparent reason.  Went to my hair stylist 2 1/2 months later to get a trim with a well overdue highlighting, and she wouldn't touch it.  When my hair is wet, it absolutely WREAKS of chemicals.  She gave me four emergency hair treatments and even washed my hair with Baking Soda to get the smell out, and it didn't work!

 Nothing else has changed but the Lovenox.  My diet has stayed the same, dietary supplements (Centrum) have stayed the same, hair care products have stayed the same-the ONLY thing that has changed in my lifestyle was when I had to start using the LOVENOX.  It looks like someone took a lighter to the ends of my hair and lit them on fire!  I don't (and never had in the past) wash my hair on a daily basis. Every other day is fine according to my hair stylist-since October I have switched to Salon Moisturizing Shampoos (Nexxus Therappe, Nexxus Keraphix & Nexxus Emergence) but NOTHING WORKS.

 Anyone else out there having this problem??  If so, contact suggestions other than cutting off all of my hair?? I don't have that much left to cut off anyway!

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