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Lets go to the Beach Mom!

Posted Jan 29 2013 10:21pm
As soon as his little eyes opened, this is what he asked for.  Four years old and ready for adventure.  The only problem is, 1) I'm not allowed to drive and 2) It would take over an hour and we couldn't make it back in time to pick up his brother from the bus stop.  Plus it would not be very fair of us to run off to the beach with out everyone else.  So I started thinking.  What is the next best thing?

Cloud Dough!

I have seen the homemade cloud dough pins all over Pinterest.  And so I tracked one down. This is how I discovered The Pinterest Project !  The best part was that this one really looked like sand from a beautiful beach!  Jackpot!  So, in the 10 minuets it took Alex to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, I was packed for the beach.  With a bucket full of sand, spoons, cups and dish to set it all out in.

IMG_6515Guess what he did with this ball?

IMG_6487The best part of building sand castles is tearing them down :)

IMG_6564Eat it he said.  It will be good he said!  PASS

After our little trip to the beach we headed to the park and then took a little walk around the hood. This boy just wouldn't stop today.  That is until 15 minuets ago when he passed out on the floor. Before he fell asleep he asked me what tomorrows adventure was going to be.  Well actually, its going to be a trip to Dr., a few shots and maybe some icecream.  Then....a nap!
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