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it does not matter there are cheap nike shox tl1 opportunities A child who has a better vision

Posted Jan 15 2013 7:21am
The child, in fact, there are many dreams, the most important of which is no longer doing specious. Gradually change, although sometimes there will be setbacks, network hard hearts that a lofty ideal, but I thought, there will be more power. Thus, we adhere to the change, but eventually failed, his confident smile, it does not matter, there are cheap nike shox tl1 opportunities.A child who has a better vision, fleeting.I still carries a great TV drama "ideals. Know to want to change, just let our own light shine, to show their strength to others, so that others will change their own views. But the reality is a cage, so my time the times flying dream gradually imprisoned, or even have no choice but to want to change the mediocre. Own helpless smile.I was finally getting to understand there is a gap between reality and dream, and this gap seems innate and can not be changed, despite how hard are can not be shortened.

In fact, he does not want to do but the kind of innate things not learn to own no fragrance since birth and they know how to, but that is a kind of helpless, they also want the opportunity to have a luminous color, but reality again and again to pull the same! If I can only become a caterpillar, then I would choose the transformation, let his life shine in the butterfly group; if I can become a grain of sand, then I would choose to accept discipline in clam shells become bright brightest pearl; if I can become a tree, then I will choose to become Populus accept the turmoil in the desert, creating a mediocre life.I'm not going to want to cheap nike shox agent hone how difficult this process is success or failure, this is my own choice. I do not regret it, the pursuit of the perfect life, refused to mediocrity.Paul refused to mediocrity, the achievements of his magnificent life; Hawking refused to mediocrity, the achievement of the freedom of thought flying; Helen refused to mediocrity, let her feel the others can not feel the world.What is mediocre? Qing Dynasty said: Zhou Lianggong, "mediocre son of no Yinghua from the see, Honorary can shock vulgar mediocrity is no talent of the generation mediocrity large as the generation. The face of this troubled world, can be outstanding excellence of the people is no easy task, however, we at least pursue is to reject mediocrity.
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