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Isabel Marant Life & Style The High Costs of Wearing High heels

Posted Dec 12 2012 3:06am
“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot, ” said the late Marilyn Monroe. Hear, hear! And what’s not to love “You put on high heels and you change. You walk in a sensuous way. Your body sways to a different type of tempo, ” said shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. Never mind that he shop isabel marant does not wear them, what’s important is that he speaks the truth. Heels lengthen our legs, lift our butt up by 20 to 30 percent and give us that je ne sais quoi that makes us feel powerful and sexy. And it is not just for fun. Many corporate women say they ditch flats for heels because they feel a sense of confidence when wearing them. It is isabel marant shop an instant metamorphosis. Ask any mom when she puts on a pair of killer heels and she will tell you that she is no longer the same woman who just changed her baby’s diaper. The fascination with heels has been around since 1000 BC. Ancient Egyptian women are known to have worn them for social status and sex appeal, as stilettos were found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. Today, the variety of high heels out there is astonishing, from stiletto heels to wedges, slingbacks, open-toe heels, Isabel Marant Bekket Suede Sneakers Marine Blue pumps, platforms and sky-high, heel-less wedge platforms, as worn by Lady Gaga. Like the rest of my kind, I am also drawn to high heels. I remember teetering in my mother’s heels at the age of 7 and loving every towering minute of it. When i eventually got my first pair, it was cheap, ill-fitting and caused me hours of numbing pain. But I didn’t care. I felt powerful and feminine. When the character Carrie Bradshaw of the hit Tv show “Sex and the City” burst onto our screens, my attraction to heels reached new heights. Suddenly, there was someone who shared my obsession and made it possible for me to bin my flats permanently without feeling crazy. Isabel Marant Manly Suede And Leather Knee Boots Black
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