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Is there a problem with eating Honeybell oranges while taking blood pressure medicine?

Posted by Big Dave

I received recently a box of Honeybell oranges.  I and my wife take blood pressure medications.  Honeybells are a grapefruit hybrid where a type of orange of tangerine is grafted to a grapefruit stalk.  Will this create the same problem with medications as grapefruit does?
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Big Dave,    You just asked a really good question... I could use an answer also.  My husband and I are both on blood pressure and other cardiac medications.  When we moved to Florida a number of years ago, we planted a Minneola Tangelo tree (which I think is also like the Honeybell; a combination grapefruit/tangerine fruit tree)... anyway... Is there someone out there that can answer this question.  Do tangelo's interact with cardiac/cardiovascular medications?

 OK... I went to wikipedia to verify that a tangelo was indeed a hybrid of a grapefruit and tangerine and found the answer to drug interactions.  Here's a link Big Dave!!  

Basically, the answer is NO!!  Yeah!!! We can eat those wonderful Minneola Tangelos and Orlando Tangelos that we have growing in our yard and enjoy them!!

"One study so far has shown that unlike grapefruit, interactions with statins are not likely with tangelos, even though it is derived from a grapefruit crossed with a tangerine. This is apparently because the furocoumarins in grapefruit are not expressed in tangelos. Due to this, some reactions are temporary. [2]"      per wikipedia see above link for full description of tangelos and their reference lists.

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