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I went so far as one had to move the legs nike air max 2011 cheap always

Posted Dec 08 2012 2:47am
I suddenly feel kind of overwhelmed, his eyes looked , let me very uncomfortable, I quickly replied: "the uncle every day doing, ah, how else are there so many stars?" He listened and laughed, so I again picked up his heart meditation: Fanfan uncle after every day doing good, sure! Some people are like trees, spring came, always the first to tell tree the people spring of news; summer when trees know people need him, so leafy greens allow people to enjoy the cool air to rest; fall , trees are useless, they will quietly withered yellow, then fall, and so people are aware of when the leaves of the tree are not .Somehow, from start to hear the end, I went so far as one had to move the legs nike air max 2011 cheap always feel suppressed, the aftertaste understand, give the front to add selfless can! Always illusory dream, but we always hope that this dream - this carries realistic dream never wake up. Who labor in the hot sun but not have complained?

Who withstand setbacks but never give up? Who are struggling in the success or failure of the edge? Because the future, because the vision, because the more things we do not understand.The original my future really is not a dream. A flower, you do not feel they knew; There is a sound, but still you do not hear heavy; a dream you once had but let it go to waste; I will not, I will not screw tap screwed into the cheap nike air max 2012 most loose at the dream, let happiness flow away in vain, because I know: God only gift to those who are prepared.Distant future dream. Real life in the future, not wasted wasting your life, constantly contemplating the future rather than the accumulation of those born do not bring, already naked tangible wealth, only superficial.Toward the mountains, toward the sea, yelling "My future is not a dream," Let heaven and earth your oath to testify for you. Only forever perseverance to achieve your promise.
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