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I need to know the name of a rare blood disorder that's genetic in my son's family.

Posted by Patience K.

     Actually, it's genetic through his father's side.  His aunt who had it passed away 5 or 6 years ago and I'm concerned that my son might have it.  I would like to have him tested for it but I can't not remember the name. 

     I cannot remember the symptons. All I can remember is that her blood cells could not reproduce hence her needing to go to dialysis (sp?) 3 times a week.  She had tumors in both kidneys (not canceress as far as I know).  When she had surgery, she only had half a kidney after the tumors were removed.

     I can't seem to  locate his father to find out the name.  I don't believe that he has it but I want to have him tested for it, regardless.  I hope you can help me. 


     Thank you.....

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