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I do not know how is it suddenly the bees flew away supra owen uk from the side

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:58am
Suddenly, the phone gently vibration is blue Los SMS: "a few days ago to see you happy, but you did not see me. Comrades to refuel ah! Do not forget to be happy, do it yourself!" The front of the small screen, Ran the condensate and looked over and over again. She was very moved by that kind of happiness is not always, but the immediate pleasure became a source of fresh. Blue Rockwell never left her, he was the most understood her. She was not alone, not just strangers around. She laughed, eyes and smiles on their faces. Contentment, she said to herself. Then, foolishly, she also made up my determination to again give it a go, she said, even if the pain feet, should stagger forward.Flowers in full bloom in the spring campus, colorful, attracted many bees. They legs covered with pollen, the supra s1w uk body exudes floral, still tirelessly collecting nectar. They buzzing trained, trained, and hymn singing a life.Students mostly are very fond of bees, the bees have gathered in the flower beds around to see. However, over a period of time, the first person to catch a bee to show off the students, one "catch bees the wind began to prevail on campus.

Paper folding clip, two sets of fingers into the paper bag pinch you can catch the bees, the paper also stick to a lot of double-sided adhesive can stick to bees. Catch some students quietly approached the bed side, and soon found a bee. He quietly went to the bees next to that to take clips quickly to a folder, the folder to the bees, happy to play the bees to the side of the child. Then, I saw other students also learn that students look quietly went to the flower bed next to, he saw a big bee, he bent down, careful to reach out to the bees, force in grasping. When he was going to catch, I do not know how is it, suddenly the bees flew away supra owen uk from the side. He scared quickly pushed aside a clip from his pocket, and walked up and down in the bed side, suddenly stopped. I saw the bee flew back pressed hard, it followed him like angry, "call" to look fly past, mercilessly stung him, the pain he: "ouch, ouch" direct call out .
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