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I asked her if she would supra owen uk like her mother did not want me to tell her the story

Posted Jan 12 2013 6:20am
We finished Abstract bayberry, and returned home with a rich fruit taste slowly eat it can be placed in the refrigerator freezer frozen up. Dad liked to drink, he always will Bayberry points out dip drink, he said that this drink more the summer heat. The Yangmei preservation time is not long, usually a day or two will be broken, so her mother took part bayberry brought dried do Bayberry dry to make bayberry preserves, so that you can be a long storage.Not bad! See here, you are also supra s1w uk salivating, like my hometown Bayberry? Then quickly come to my hometown, I must ask you to eat your fill! The small balcony is my paradise. Balcony and pots of beautiful flowers and makes up a vivid pattern, and a string of green notes come together to form a beautiful song.Early in the morning, I read and write on the balcony, quietly sent me a bunch of sparkling necklace encrusted dew mimosa; noon on the balcony, I sing and dance, swaying scene Cosmos kiss me flushed little face; evening In the balcony, I conceived essay, fragrant white jasmine will unknowingly walked into my fairy tale.The face of these beautiful flowers every day, slowly actually own like flowers and fragrant beautiful, life is like a flower colorful.

I remember that morning, the red sun laugh hanging horizon, Mom I do not know from where did you get a hairy fairy stick. Her soft long slender, the sun was covered in small stab a shake, like the countless magical eye blinking, so I gave it a nice name - "Green Wizard". I treasured joy could not help but use your fingers to conspire to her than the size - she was with my little finger as big! I carefully put her transplanted into pots, watched her look weak, really worried that she can not survive. That night, hateful mice to make trouble, even in the pot holes, her weak fine root planing out. The next day, I stood in tears and took her roots buried, her mother said: "Do not be sad, fairy stick strong vitality, as appropriate to give her water, so she's more than the sun, she is alive "I time to give her water, so she was more than the sun, and day and night accompanied by her, also mind peremptorily children told her. I asked her if she would supra owen uk like her mother did not want me to tell her the story of the flower fairies ...... she seems to know what my mind wants to straighten furry head taller he kept long thick. It did not take long to grow a pudgy little bamboo shoots, so I was both novel and comfort. Later, her small bamboo shoots start to grow high long thick, and the stems and long stems, shoots long shoots.
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