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he strange nike shox experience for sale and the familiar silhouette when screen

Posted Dec 27 2012 7:10am
Perhaps this is just an unknown quantity, the next second, it will only exist in the unknown world ... I think the rainbow there, a sunny day will be there, beautiful and happy days will be there, everything will have just all need a miracle. So myself, in my little world, in that corner, I replaced the common cold, waiting for a miracle to happen ...Wind, no hurry, mixed with the cold; rain, fierce slightly cotton force; small town in winter.Drizzle early break, muddy streets, sparse stream shadow flashed from the floor-to-ceiling windows, a familiar silhouette floating which, like a dust. Wind windy fall, I do not know, after all, where?Passing a nike shox turbo xii sale pair of young lovers, artless walked occasional pro ear whispers. Lonely stream video interludes in this, it is a bit pity. Recently somehow? Long for a day still is not wrong? Every time murmuring love when false, when true? Suspected is like, or, have long been accustomed, Qingqing life.

Was so, so I hope to give Qingqing a little touched. Mournful heart empty, waiting did not feel at ease. Flowers have opened, happiness has gone, why wait? Leaves no snow on heart heat, cold, and why? Really really in return, genuinely faced? Heart it?After years of grinding, the heart gets bleak. But then it turns out leaving the grounds that retain? This is important! Life care can not forget each other, leave in peace. Dust off, or is still floating. Perhaps not never heart just never meant points; not really, just Qingshenyuanqian love at the wrong time nothing.Time flies, Four Seasons rotation not learn oblivion. Tears in their eyes, the strange nike shox experience for sale and the familiar silhouette, when screen, faintly visible. Our lives, too short, too hasty. A time of love, time and time again to be missed. I know that: "flowers worthy fold to be straight off, be no flowers empty Mo broken branches."
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