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Happiness is ________{Week 8}

Posted Feb 27 2013 7:31pm
I've been slacking on the happiness around here.  Not that there hasn't been any, I just keep forgetting to share it!  So to make up for the past week or two that I missed, here we go :)

Happiness is...

Spending the afternoon at the dog park with friends.  We finally felt comfortable enough to take P-Dog to the dog park.  And he had so much fun. Ponchos girlfriend came along for his first visit and I think that made things much easier for all of us.  He does great, the hesitation is on our part.  More about that later.

IMAG5528 IMAG5529  

I know this doesn't look like a happy photo but the happiness comes from the two of them figuring our their own problems and finally playing together nicely.  I was happy I didn't have to be the mean mom again!

IMAG5522 IMAG5518

Hes probably going to get me back for this but how's this for happiness.  David is feeling much better.  I have not known a man who works such crazy long hours and is so dedicated to his job as much as he is.  He spends so much time working that the boys sometimes asks if he lives somewhere else.  The sad part is that he only works 25-30 minuets away, comes home every night/morning and still only sees our oldest on the weekends.  No matter how tired and over worked he is, he gets up and works hard to provide for us.  Anyways, so see him be silly and relaxed makes me super happy. Times like this I miss having a beer or two with him.  Just no one tell him I posted this!

Yesterday I finally felt like my ankle could handle a run again.  And let me just say that not running for 11 days and then running more than I have before, was probably not the smartest idea.  But I finished it.  OK, I wont like.  I walked one minuet when I should have ran, but tomorrow I will do my best not to.  I may not go far or fast, but I'm going!  And that makes me happy!

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