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do bleeding piles cause anemia even if the blood loss is only a few drops?

Posted by tammy

i got a blood test and it came back saying my iron was at 6, the dr didng think the test was right so she sent me again to have another test, it came back 4. she explained to me that normally the iron level was supposed to be 120. she asked if i had piles and i was to embarrassed and said no and didnt return to see her, since then i have been getting dizzy, irritable, weak and tired. i also get a pain in my stomach, its not sharp but really uncomfortable. but these symptoms only come four or five times a week and last 30mins at the most.

id like to find out if this could be because of the blood loss from piles, i read that it has to be a substancial amount of blood to become anemic from it and i am only having drops on the toilet paper. i cant bring myself to seeing a dr again.

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