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Cordoba VS Barcelona statistics: Barcelona ball innovation low corner the detonation

Posted Dec 15 2012 2:44am
The king's cup final 1/8 in the first leg, Barcelona away 2-0 cordoba, data statistics show that Barcelona ball rate hit a new low this season, corner quantity and quality as serious opponent, cordoba goalkeeper do well, messi brave state. On December 13, 12/13 Spanish king's cup quarter-finals, Barcelona in the first leg away 2-0 cordoba. After the game statistics prove Barcelona win is not easy, ball possession and placement data are not equal to idea. The game Barcelona possession to create this Cheap Jordan Super Fly season lowest, fell below sixty percent for the first time, only 59%. After the minimum single field is west re-scheduled week 12 wheel at Barcelona 3-1 zaragoza, 65%. Last week week central crown Barcelona 0 0 benfica, ball control rate is 65.7%; Last Sunday west hertha 15 wheel Barcelona's 2-1 betis, ball control rate was 65.4%. Be worth what carry is at the end of the first half, Barcelona ball rate was 63.9%, once a ball of the season the lowest record, at the end of the continue to refresh lowest on record. And the ball is the formation of echo data set pieces. Free kick Barcelona 6 times, cordoba four times, be worth what carry is Barcelona have three free kick is at centre-back, and cordoba free kick are all front edge of the area. Corner in Barcelona completely than rivals, Barcelona only got three corner, cordoba five corner. Barcelona corner to form a 1 shots, cordoba corner tactical complete three shots. The game both sides goalkeeper performance are very grab an eye, a total of 21 times complete plugging shot and intercept pass each other, including cordoba goalkeeper gaza's firm 11 times, Barcelona goalkeeper pinto 10 times, gaza firm's blocked Barcelona player Lionel messi and pedro single-pole shot each of The Times, in the final blocked messi close shot. Offensively, messi is undoubtedly the most outstanding performance of the players, 5 times are Cheap Air Jordan 2012 all shot, scoring two goals. The game both sides atmosphere is very good, Barcelona no players eat yellow card, cordoba both dyed yellow. 43 minutes, celta get a front corner kick opportunities, but the ball in the penalty after real Madrid defender easy clearance. 46 minutes, real Madrid to make substitution adjustment, e di JiEr for Mary. 56 minutes, celta first break the deadlock, cloning in the box was buckle a real Madrid defender back pass, the ball through the real Madrid defence, the entire right flank of the bell mei huo keep up with the advancing inroads, 1-0. The 62th minute, card column in the flood in trying to get past cabral fell to the ground, when referee signal the continue. The 63th minute, with celta DE Lucas for PiaoZhouYong, real Madrid is kaka for Michael essien. Two minutes later, match-winner bell mei huo for vara in foul booked. The 68th minute, alonso ball hanging in the box, celta defender near a headed clearance, the mo Delhi near the line far too big volley side door, the ball hit by sergio firmly catch. The 71th minute, cristiano ronaldo in the distance the ball left front ball 30 metres away from the direct one's feet to boom door, celta goalkeeper robot ball out of hand, but the second point is Cheap Nike Air Fly By defender grab. The 74th minute, celta cloth stowe, evan substituted spitz. The 76th minute, pepe in the frontcourt guard the ball back body kicked celta DangBu defender, the Portuguese hidden foul successful escaped the referee FaYan. But a flash in the pan, the 78th minute, just substitute booth tos 30 yards from goal to boom door inroads, 2-0, celta further consolidate the lead. Real Madrid immediately launched a crazy counter-attack, 80 minutes, cristiano ronaldo in the big outside the area to boom door is blocked. Then back to real Madrid, but e JiEr close shot was sergio rejected. The 84th minute, celta with aston villa for bell mei huo. The 86th minute, real Madrid win a free kick the ball forward, alonso will hang into the box, cristiano ronaldo back offside success, in under the condition of no - easy shot inroads, 2-1, real Madrid pulled a points. The 89th minute, alonso sent out pass again, but this time to catch the ball cristiano ronaldo in the offside position, both sides finally failed to rewrite the score again, real Madrid away in 1-2 shock defeat at celta.39 minutes, celta launched a highly threat counterattack, Mr Spitz big cross the area on the right, and there is no one to look PiaoZhouYong close header, but South Korea from power is too small is Dan saved.In 1997, ronaldo join international milan, in the summer of 1999 in the world is worth to buy moratti vieri, two people always value: $80 million! But the chiefs in November 1999 badly hurt, verona combination partner less than three months. Vieri Russell Westbrook Shoes partner after recoba, WenTuoLa, caron... Until the season - alien back, vieri chiefs and the combination of contribution for inter 32 ball (vieri 25 goals, ronaldo seven goals). butIn the summer of 2012, ferguson cost 24 million pounds will Arsenal striker robin van persie to dig, robin van persie and Wayne rooney composition "ruud van nistelrooy combination". The pair almost don't have to wear in terrorist state, the premier league after the wheels, robin van persie and ball 4 assists, Wayne rooney and ball 7 assists, "van nistelrooy" combination and the ball and 11 assists, each to the other party to send a assists, as long as they start together, united 100% to win!
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