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chronic Neutropenia and Low Lymphocyes...Kidney stones and Heamatoma

Posted by bella

I suffer from a condition called chronic neutropenia which is apart of you White Count. my neutrophils are sleepy and dont respond i am 34 years of age female and have only had this condition since i was 29.

Every Year i spend atleast 3 months in hospital on Iv antibiotics for Urine Tract infections and kidney pain which is a result of this as soon as i drop into the 1 counts I end up with the same symptoms everytime...

The count is normal 2-8 my count is always lowish 2 and if i do not have my GCS-F injections every 3rd day they drop and keep dropping That reminds me im due today. The only way i can keep an eye on this is with regular blood tests which is a bit hard..

I am currently seeing a haematologist and immunoligist for this condition at the monash medical centre and have been refered to a immunopatholigist at the Royal childrens hospital to determine edzactly what the problem is and hopefully get a better medication for this condition as my Lymphocytes are also low????

I also suffer from Kidney stones I have been making them since i was 16 very painful i have just had lithotripsy to my Left Kidney and had a complication for the first time i have had this procedure done 5 times now and developed a haematoma in my Left kidney very painful. Im not to sure how i get over this what im meant to be doing how long it will take to heal.. I t was very sever i was in hospital for 6 days i have only been out 2 days now????

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