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Belstaff Jackets UK Belstaff Jackets Sale

Posted Aug 06 2011 4:04am

Have you not heard that song, have so a way you don't go, is there so you don't remember... One day, however we overheard this song/through this section of the road/reminded of this people. Cry or laugh. Or was it a smile smile with tears blurred the eyes. Some things we want to JiJi not, there are some things that we want to forget, many of the people we love when we don't love, we fall in love with people but it happened doesn't love us. Many people take up but can not let go, say out but could not. When you want to cry 10 million don't force myself to smile, want to smile of time also 10 million not to cry, Belstaff Jackets UKBelstaff Jackets Sale or we'll live too tired.

A lot of people don't know what you want. Is really don't know what they want or said in didn't get tired of it had begun before, and then start to self denial "this is I want?" "I want exactly is what" have something so said: there is only one person in what have will we only know what they want to do is what, we have nothing, with what don't know what you want to pursue. Why do you want to do this to me, you gave me the injury painful, I hate you, I don't want to see you all in, the false things, believe that such words you also heard some, also believe that a lot of people agree with me on, you don't know, you don't know Belstaff BootsBelstaff Jackets Outlet Online Sale when a person know to wrong, but also hold on, that need to DuoDa courage, maybe he just think for themselves, but I want to tell you that that's right, at least, is selfish for your consideration, love, die first forever also feel the living one how sad, and the living will never know the many died less than loathe to give up, some problems are not you intentions can find the answer, there are some things you want to do is not Womens Belstaff Jackets Outletbelstaff jackets outlet uk to do well, and when a man used to be injured in the face of difficulties, he will be better than others, when the man can strong brave face difficulty, he will thank once gave his frustrations of the people, to love how may include hate, hate your mouth, but perhaps that is called the heart that some members of the opposite sex love it, do you know what hate? Want to fly, see table is like a slap shoot dead it. False, unless Belstaff UK Outlet Storebelstaff jackets uk Store you can do is not false, otherwise please don't accuse others of hypocrisy, one can't do with what ask others must accomplish -, I can tell you, two people who love each other, if a person decided to leave, if TA didn't give you a sorry, please believe that this man is to have your heart, or TA will not leave so quietly silent. I again, do not blame someone else what, alone, right or wrong or TA must have a reason, some people hope to be understood, but some people who choose to sink,

Don't know how to describe a cold, but please believe, in the heart of the Belstaff BagBelstaff Boots cold is you will always imitate, envy those cold, envy their MeiXinMeiFei, envy they can don't care about anything, they are, but can prove they MeiXinMeiFei, they just put his heart hidden too deep, deep into his all to the touch not, it is also because they don't care about anything, so they also experience not to ordinary people of that kind of ordinary happiness in life, no wind, no rain more no rainbow, the other day, a friend asked what Belstaff Icon JacketsvBelstaff Jackets Men is my heart, I said he is supporting the body of the organ? Don't like update things, and not not to like to talk, write thing many, update thing many, no attention, and that no one CARES about, gradually don't like something, said the update also many, but no attention, no one understanding, so slowly choose silence, no matter you are now at what environment, remember my word, if a person has no value, so TA words must be no weight, you if nothing ability, you'll don't always see who don't like silly B to take life with somebody else, this world, rich play you ye, have no Belstaff Icon JacketsvBelstaff Jackets Men money to you is even grandsons are not,

God never blame people's ignorance, people always complain god inequality, and please believe god to who are all the same, even if you some ways as a personal, but in some places where you must be better than TA is so strong, although small, if you are a man, please don't side the number of women to describe their value, if you are a woman, is most proud of is that you should be the man can refuse to how many women for you now. What problems do not want the answer, don't what story of end, some problems finding the answer, we became frustrated, some stories we get ending, but is not what we want, some of the best answer is not the answer. Some of the story didn't end is the best result. In the street can let me turn it, but can let me return overdo the initiative to catch up in look at almost no...... .

Never argue with an idiot, that would let others concerned with who can't tell who is the fool, want to love is love, miss than fault as well. Just do it, lost than didn't get much better if you are not much Belstaff UK Sale StoreMens Belstaff Jackets UK Outlet better than others, so a ought not to some experience, you and the take what to warned others. Don't scold pack to force others; it will only prove TA stronger than you. If you are not envy what TA and how can this be calling someone. A weak compared with than himself, that there will not be DuoDa ambition, a real strong men is never challenges than their own weak, a person to show off what, TA inside certain lack anything, because understand too much, so lazy to speak, because know too much, so will choose silence......

Some things can't express, some words a few lines of text and how can be instead, some didn't know where good, but is who replace, I don't know how to describe the life now, so the unconscious of alive, strong don't get up, not down, fall

Sometimes don't want you, only you want to cut, like quiet, quiet but was afraid of loneliness

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