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A bed special quilt

Posted Oct 19 2012 7:37am

Have night half past nine, do not know how, I just want to let my mother tell me a story, mother said with a smile: "son how to suddenly become kindergarten children, all four grade, sleep still have to mother to tell a moncler sale story!" But I must play the shameless let mother speak, so mother will tells a true story, the story happened in the countryside a broken house......

"Mom just graduated when teachers teach a student, is now in the Frenchman - experimental middle school when the teacher's burt aunt, at that time, in order to son, and her mother had seven children, two men and five women, the home be poor, the five girls sleep can cover a quilt, although this quilt be mother pinch and scrape the widened, which can cover five children! Elder sister and two elder sister to younger sister every day, sleep on the side, and the sisters crowded in the middle warm, they often use laughter to drive off the cold, get along with special close......"

"A few years later, the elder sister get married, but a quilt and didn't give the rest of the four sisters bring more warmth, because they are growing up, they in the quilt to talk about a happy matter, but talking about more is the eldest sister thoughts, because elder sister like mother that care about them, never thought I, how many time all wore clothes sleeping, put a quilt cover in their body... a few years have passed, and two elder sister, three elder sister, burt aunt, all were married, little sister also entered the army became a soldier, but their mother was serious illness took his life, let sisters lost forever honor your father and your mother's chance... so, this quilt was aunt collection......"

Listen to the mother tell stories, my heart was touched fill full, a bed to break out of the cotton quilt, may be in your eyes will dog food, but it is poor, mom and dad to aunt and her sisters "gift", she won't lose, although now aunt home had a lot of bed is better than it on how many times the silk floss was, silk by... Because she saved was a most precious sisters love, when aunt to see it, like open memory kaleidoscope: because, the bed quilt hide joy, laughter, hidden hiding tolerance, also hide thoughtfulness...

Now come to find me... Mother said that the story to be continued, he took to listen to the story this touched, I covered with thick quilt entered the dreamland...


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