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In the course of reading about running Iâ??ve come across many articles that focus on motivation, running form, minimalism, and places and reasons to run. Iâ??ve read stories by people who have accomplished ultra marathons, Ironmans and amazing consecutive day streaks. What I... Full Bio
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Cramping Up

Cramps can be some of the most painful and debilitating injuries to happen to an athlete. I should know: On...

Baltimore Marathon Training Plan

So here's my 26.2 training plan, please feel free to comment/critique/point and laugh I'm running the Baltimore Marathon on...


Iska...what? Iskiate (pronounced "iss-key-ahh-tay," or so says Google) is a simple drink made with the help of chia seeds. ...

The Marathon, Tosh.0 Style

Not every running clip has to be motivational! Tosh.0's take on the marathon is funny and in many parts, sadly, too close to...

Fresh Gear Socks Gear Review

Anyone who has ever run for more than a few miles can testify that you are only as good as your feet; once you start getting blisters...

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