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Biruta R.

Foster City, California
I'm a business owner who enjoys walking in the morning with my dog, gardening, reading and massages. I am trying to lose weight, eat healthier and be happier.
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Kristen D.

Fairfield, Connecticut
Hello all! I'm the moderator for the Recreation and Endurance Training communities, and the communities that are included within them, as well as the tennis community. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or write on my whiteboard. I'm a woman who loves the outdoors, whether I'm walking, riding a bike, hiking, swimming or anything else. I love sports, even more than my...

Dr. Gabe M., MD

Annapolis, Maryland
A practicing physician for more than 40 years and a radio talk show host for 25, Dr. Mirkin is a graduate of Harvard University and Baylor University College of Medicine. He is one of a very few doctors board-certified in four specialties: Sports Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Pediatrics and Pediatric Immunology. Dr. Mirkin's latest book is The Healthy Heart Miracle, published by...


San Mateo, California
I am

Ivars R.

Foster City, California
I was born in Latvia but moved to the states when I was young with my family to have a better life. I've been a business owner for over 23 years and stress has taken it's toll. I am working out and eating healthier to lose a few pounds (already lost 15lbs!), and reduce stress. My wife and I have been brining our dog to work and she helps lighten the mood and most customers like it.

Anna G.

Tucson, Arizona
I am a loving, caring and hard-working gal whom loves to make sure everyone is okay and their best :) I enjoy helping others and currently started working at March of Dimes.

Julie W.

San Mateo, California
I am a professional muralist in the San Francisco Bay area. I used to be extremely athletic and I am now trying to keep my health while working. I am also interested in homeopathy. My work keeps me standing all day, and driving long distances. I do yoga every morning for the past 16 years, but I get very few hours or opportunities to exercise. I cook the best foods I can afford, and I...

Andrejs S.

MILPITAS, California
I am a valley professional, seeking to enhance my well-being by having a well-balanced lifestyle between work and sometimes sorely lacking play (a.k.a. exercise, or rigorous physical activity). I am also interested in meeting other like-minded people for this and other social or even professional activities.
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Biking, Hiking, ...

Susan F.

San Diego, California
I grew up in Rhode Island where I met my husband Jeff, who played Hamlet to my Ophelia -- seriously. He and I have lived in seven cities in the past twelve years (thanks to my graduate school, his medical school, and residency). Through it all, it has been our families who supported us; and it has been cooking that, no matter how far away we were, always made us feel like we were home. When I'm...

Tammie W.

San Mateo, California
I am a massage therapist at Hazel J. Horsnell in San Mateo and Redwood City with a background in Nursing, Psychology, Herbal therapy and Aromatherapy.
Communities: Massage/Spa, ...