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I am 24, from the UK, and have several Mental Health problems, including Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, EDNOS, and GAD. I blog about my experiences living with these, and the mental health system, with which I have been involved with for 7 years.
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So I don’t blog anymore, but somehow when the shit hits the fan it seems that my reaction is to want to come here and write. As I said in my...

One year…

So. It is exactly a year since I last wrote anything here. That is strange. In a way it feels far less time, but it also feels like a lifetime...

Catch Up: Part 3

So I am still a week and a half behind with what has been going on. Oops. That Saturday night I was having really strong suicidal thoughts;...

Blog moved

My blog is now entirely moved over to Wordpress and I will not be writing here anymore, and will possibly close it down. I have no idea which of...

Catch up: Part 2

After going to A&E, nothing much happened. We had been told at the hospital that someone from the CMHT would see me the next day – possibly L,...

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