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The Secret Life of Manic Depression This is the BBC booklet which goes with the Stephen Fry series - The Secret Life of a Manic Depres ...
Dec 28 2011 10:08am
Scared Last year I had a really bad manic episode and became very close to being homicidal, I was having th ...
Jun 13 2011 4:06pm
Bipolar disorder can look very different in different people. The symptoms vary widely... more
Jun 17 2011 8:57am
Living with and managing bipolar We don't have the answers or cures but we having developed the disorder almost 20 years ago we hav ...
May 05 2010 12:51pm
down again feeling blue and at a loss with myself.  I had so many plans about what I was going to do after I st ...
Apr 30 2010 12:01pm
oh, my heart breaks for you... i went through something similar with my now ex. my son... more
Apr 30 2010 12:07pm
my daughters MS Today my daughter got a letter saying they had taken her drivers liscenses due to her condition.  ...
Apr 10 2010 2:51pm
My license was temporarily revoked for a while because I was having disasociative... more
Jun 15 2011 9:13pm
today Today I made a new friend, hi Kyred, I read your survival story and I am sorry you had to go throu ...
Apr 07 2010 2:38pm
OH and to those I've lied to in the past...No I don't rehabilitate wild cats. lol more
Jun 15 2011 9:26pm
another bad day woke up with a migraine, couldn't stand to open my eyes, sick at my stomach, finally managed to stum ...
Apr 06 2010 7:08pm
Hi. all you great women.I'm finally have found a website that is for me, and this is it.... more
May 02 2010 1:39pm
A BPD Survivor Story
Apr 04 2010 4:53pm
Bonnie Very down, brother drinking last night after months of being sober.  Living with his ex. who is craz ...
Apr 03 2010 11:46am
Mood Journal Mobile App Mood Journal is a mobile app for recording and recognizing mood changes, logging healthy physical ...
Oct 19 2009 11:39am
It's  saturday again and I feel like I am stuck in the movie Ground Hog Day.  I went... more
May 01 2010 7:29pm