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The Cost of Perfectionism by yourbipolargirl I spent two hours at work tonight writing one single tweet. 140 characters. One hundred and twenty minutes. This is not because I am inefficient or ridiculous. I’m actuall ... Read on »
You make a decision and in f ... by Girl Blue .. Patient Expert You make a decision and in fact it is the right decision, the logical thing to do, the best thing to do but then you feel such sadness. Your insides ache and all you w ... Read on »
Rosetta landing by Robin Patient Expert ESA landed the Rosetta satellite on a comet!! I need to start with that fabulous statement. The Internet community is in uproar over this. No, not the fact that a c ... Read on »
On revisiting but and and by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional The most widely read post ever posted on this blog is the one that talked about the difference between “but” and “and” as foundations of the way you approach life.  And it ... Read on »
Back by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional It has been a while since I have actively posted on Hopeworks Community.  A bunch of things have gotten in the way.  My involvement in health care reform in Tennessee has ... Read on »
Wondercane is Dying! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven I started writing a Post earlier this morning but I have an appointment. I’m just waiting for Accessible Transit to pick me up ... Read on »
The players who ever backing experience cheap fifa 15 coins by goldarm2teeth The players who ever backing experience in Arathi Highlands and Stranglethorn Vale must keep in thoughts, we will be there to eliminate the wide range of Raptor quick creat ... Read on »
En With improving difficulty stages cheap fifa 15 coins by ykqlm  The simplicity of the concept enhances the cheap fifa 15 coins appeal of this well-known activity. The client manipulates his slingshot to release the wingless red angry bird ... Read on »
National Mental Health Advocacy by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional Some perhaps cynical ideas: National mental health advocacy is rarely effective in the sense that it leads to getting laws passed.  Most organizations are not big enou ... Read on »
Tenn Care expansion is the biggest mental health issue in Tennessee by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional The biggest single mental health advocacy issue in Tennessee right is Tenn Care expansion.  Services and programs mean nothing without access.  Estimates I have seen say t ... Read on »