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Ya’ don’t say Three common pediatric chemical straight jacketsup for votewith the FDA

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm

Developing…..Looking/hoping for a video of the segment that caught my attention on FoxNews this morning. So some links will have to do for now

I’ll bet there’s a pattern notonly in Florida; but in all states …and not just kids in foster care.

*”prescription pattern found among over 3ooo kids in foster care in Florida”

*Over 3000 kids on mind altering drugs.

The number the segment I caught this morning was over 3000, the articles I’m linking to have smaller numbers; but I’m going with the most recent number since the trickle truth’s numbers keep rising.

Did the state take into account that Gabriel had been sexually abused, that he knew that his mother would go to prison and that he had been moved from foster home to foster home in his last weeks?


Instead of love and understanding, he got pills.

I am quite sick to death of whatever the hell has happened to our what…? Culture?

Why is it that almost every behavior problem/parental failure, trauma, or life problem caused by circumstance  is labeled as being  pathological and then treated as a disease?

I can think of two reasons.

One. Money.


It’s easier. It’s an “out”‘

Many parents are too lazy to take the time to provide the guidance, consistent discipline, supervision and interaction kids need.

It’s easier to label a parental fail as a disease, drug the problem and hope for the best than to actually invest time to correct the behavior and/or rehabilitate a messed up, or just an ordinary, strong willed kid.

That first link’s  headline should have read:

State sucks just as hard as the parental unit kid was taken from

When a 7-year-old boy on a risky regime of psychiatric medications hangs himself in the bathroom of a foster home, you have to ask whether his guardian — the state of Florida — knows how to be a good parent.

It is very easy to wrest a child from negligent and abusive parents. What’s difficult is to assume the responsibilities the parents never met. But that’s precisely why the state took custody of the boy — to do a better job than a negligent parent.


”One gets the impression that these drugs are utilized as chemical straitjackets, not for therapeutic reasons,” said Toni Appel, a neuropsychologist and attorney who has examined cases of children under court-ordered psychiatric treatment.”

Here’s a link with a higher number than cited in the first article; again, FoxNews this morning put the number at over 3000.

The kicker:

Three common pediatric chemical straight jacketsup for votewith the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee will vote next week on whether to allow three psychotropic medications to be marketed as effective and acceptably safe for youths with certain conditions.

What conditions would that be? Temper tantrums? Acting like a lively child? Being an inconvenience to their parents? Easier than investing the time it takes for the parent to take an active role in behavior modification?

This hearing is a desperate attempt to legitimize” the use of these drugs on children, Cohen said. A favorable ruling for the drugs’ manufacturers “would take lot of heat off” of them.

These people make me fuckin sick.

Dog Whisperer method> psych meds any day of the week.

I’m calling bullshit on parents who “have tried everything”….Odds are their “everything” lasted less than a week before they gave up (let a strong willed child win) and went on to something else.

Exit question:
Why is it that people are more willing to invest months, even years on multiple medication trials with their kids; but are unwilling to invest months being consistent in the training of their own child?

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