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WTF?? Back To School Boobies?

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:45am


I don’t know about you all but this is what I got for back to school Go to fullsize image

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007Emily Halevy | CWK Producer

– Win Pound, M.D., plastic surgeon

“I felt I was skinny and pale and I just didn’t want to be that way,” says 19-year-old Jessica Peers.

So after breaking up with her high school boyfriend, Peers decided to get breast implants. ( my note: what pimply, skinny teenage punk is worth undergoing the knife?}

“I thought he would look at me differently or want me back … if I had bigger breasts,” says Peers. “So I went. I made the appointment when I was 17, and then four weeks later I had the surgery done.” (my note: of course, he’ll look at her differently. He’ll either count down the minutes until his hand is wrapped around that boob or….he’ll pat himself on the back for breaking up with that insecure nutjob.]

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of teenage girls getting breast implants is steadily climbing — up 12 percent in a single year for girls under the age of 19. Some girls receive breast implants as a graduation gift.

“When I was in high school, you were lucky if you got a car when you graduated from high school,” says Dr. Win Pound, plastic surgeon. “These days kids are getting cars plus they’re getting plastic surgery.”

Pound cautions that surgery — any surgery– can be risky. “I don’t think all teenagers fully comprehend that this isn’t just something that you come in and have done and waltz out and go to the football game that evening,” says Pound.

Recovery from surgery may be difficult and there can be medical complications. What’s more, doctors say implants don’t last throughout a woman’s lifetime and may need to be replaced more than once. For these reasons, experts say teenagers should wait.

According to Pound, “After the teenage years are over, you’ve gained a certain maturity. Your body has stopped growing, and then you can consider changes to your body in a more mature fashion.”

For some girls, though, cosmetic surgery helps them feel better about their bodies. Jessica says she’s more confident. She now enters local swimsuit competitions and hopes one day to have a career in modeling [ my note….or breast that leak like she’s feeding a 2 week old). I am happier now that I feel more like a woman than a child”.

I watched a report on some news show today about the rising percentage of girls under the age of 18 getting boob jobs. The latest thing is a back-to-school boob job. Have I missed out on a study or sumptin’? Maybe, there has been research done on how to implant smart cells along with fake tits. If this is not the case, how the hell is a boob job gonna help somebody in school? Shouldn’t these girls be more concerned with grades from teachers and professors than grades from honry seniors and drunk frat boys?

One 17 year old progression from A cup to big, scary-looking bazooka cup. I think she needs to worry more about those sunburns that can lead to skin cancer than enlarging her boobs.

. This is not the original pic posted but it still portrays a sunburnt before and after boob. You’d think she’d worry more about the wrinkling than cup size. All she’s gonna have is a giant wrinkled boob with skin cancer on it.

This is what we were discussing here the other day. NO! Not boobies….self-esteem. But WTF to we expect our girl teens to think when they are constantly seeing images of big booby women being shown as desirable. When will they (and us) get it through our thick skulls that big boobs, sparkling white teeth, flat tummys, etc. does not feel that hole of emptiness made by low self-esteem?

And what about these freakazoid parents that indulge their daughters with plastic surgery? What message are they sending to their kid? “Oh honey, you’re just not good enough the way you are. Let’s get you some bigger tits before you go back to school. You’ll look yummy!”

SHITTHEBEDFRED!!!!!! Why don’t you idiot parents wake up!!!!! Your daughter doesn’t need bigger tits. She needs counseling on self-esteem.

This is on a different topic. But just gotta ask D…..”WTF is up with the Fox news psychotherapist wearing those suits with shirts. She has big, bouncing bazookas and lays them out for all to see?” OMG! LMAO She looks like she should be contributing to a porn site not a news program. Can’t remember her name or I’d google a pic for ya.

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