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Writer’s Block

Posted Nov 10 2007 12:00am

My typing speed isn’t that great–pretty average so based upon the word count of this…it took me between 3-4 minutes? I just kept typing and didn’t pause at all. It’s ridiculous but maybe worth a laugh or…not?

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one of the hardest (like ouch…like a big block, you know…made of granite) things you have to face when you write. You just feel like you can’t write, right? And it’s even worse when you’re on mind-altering drugs. Well, not crazy drugs. Well, actually they are crazy drugs but I mean legal ones. Unless you can’t get them in your country and you have to buy them over the internet from some weird company in Taiwan that is actually in Bucharest but is really in Morocco or something. But what I first was referring to were crazy drugs that alter your mind in a substance abuse kind of way—like Crystal Meth or GHB or Roofies or something. But well, Roofies might be odd as you’d have to write while you were passed out. But some writers sound like they write when they’re passed out. But the other crazy drugs are the ones that you take when you are crazy. And not like party crazy like the first ones but medically crazy. They make you stupid but you can still be stupid when you party. The medical crazy drugs dull your thinking and can really make your writer’s block worse because they make your head feel like a big block of that hard granite stuff. Because I take lots of those medical crazy drugs and I can’t write at all. I forget my words all the time. And I can’t spell anymore. It really sucks, man. Or like, woman. I don’t want to offend my readers. I know that maybe, someday if I get published or something there will probably be both guys and girls reading it so I don’t want to make anyone mad at me. And someone once told me or maybe I read it somewhere that you write for your audience or something like that. So if I do that then I guess I have to write to say girl and boy all the time. I am trying to remember all of the other things that I learned about how to write but I can’t remember anything. My drugs do that to me too. They make me forget stuff all the time. Sometimes I forget to do dumb stuff. But I can’t remember what I forget to do. So I can’t write it here for you to try and read. Sorry, man. And woman. I don’t know if I can say much more right now. The end.

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