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Whine, whine, wine, cheese?

Posted Aug 27 2008 8:32am

Okay, I won't even talk about it. I refuse to say a word but if you jokers want an Executive President more power to you. I'll just be puking in a corner so don't mind me.

Moving right along and still refusing to comment upon anything that may or may not have transpired last night. I am fed up! Totally fed up! I cannot live like this for much longer. I am in constant pain, my body feels as if a truck and not the kind we get here in Trinidad but one of those hugh beasts that they have in the states, no actually scratch that, you know the kind that they have in Australia, the road trains?
Yes those, that is what I'm feeling as if it has run over me.

Yay yay bloody yay my meds have been upped! Yay yay freaking yay! Side effects woo hoo lets hear it for side effects! So what if I can't move or function because I'm blinded by pain, that's a small price to pay for a clear head right. Tiny price to pay for not having racing and irrational thoughts. Miniscule price to pay for not seeing spawn look at a picture of us when she was much younger and saying to my best friend "that was when mommy used to smile, she doesn't smile anymore". Totally insignificant when compared to destroying your marriage because you're either confrontational and angry or distant and not there either physically or mentally.

Just pass the cheese and the non alcho whine cause you know you can't drink because of your meds. Yay!

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