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Posted Feb 02 2013 2:48am
‘In bidding adieu to the modern Women Toms Cordones Babylon, where we have 
undergone many vicissitudes, I trust not ignobly, Mrs. Micawber 
and myself cannot disguise from our minds that we part, it may be 
for years and it may be for ever, with an individual linked by 
strong associations to the altar of our domestic life. If, on the eve of 
such a departure, you will accompany our mutual friend, Mr. 
Thomas Traddles, to our present abode, and there reciprocate the 
wishes natural to the occasion, you will confer a Boon 
‘Ever yours, 
I was glad to find that Mr. Micawber had got rid of his dust and 
ashes, and that something really had turned up at last. Learning 
from Traddles that the invitation referred to the evening then 
wearing away, I expressed my readiness to do honour to it; and we 
went off together to the lodging which Mr. Micawber occupied as 
Mr. Mortimer, and which was situated near the top of the Gray’s 
Inn Road. 

The resources of this lodging were so limited, that we found the 
twins, now some eight or nine years old, reposing in a turn-up 
bedstead in the family sitting-room, where Mr. Micawber had 
prepared, in a wash-hand-stand jug, what he called ‘a Brew’ of the 
agreeable beverage for which he was famous. I had the pleasure, 
on this occasion, of renewing the acquaintance of Master 
Micawber, whom I found a promising boy of about twelve or 
thirteen, very subject to that restlessness of limb which is not an 
unfrequent phenomenon in youths of his age. I also became once 
more known to his sister, Miss Micawber, in whom, as Mr. 
Micawber told us, ‘her mother renewed her youth, like the 
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