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When thinking about support

Posted Jun 08 2011 1:02pm

When thinking about support it is helpful to differentiate your friends from your accomplices. 

Some people have a vested interest in us doing poorly.  Some hurt us without knowing it.  For some people us staying the same gives them permission to stay the same also.  I cant help but wonder  at some people who get uncomfortable when we get less dependent on them. 

On the other hand most of us have someone in our life who is a fan or cheerleader.  They appreciate who we are, what we care about, what we can do and our efforts to do better.  They let us know we matter and that they support and applaud our efforts to lead a life that matters. 

Most of us have someone in our life who is a coach.  They are people we learn from.  They are people whose experience offers something to our experience.  They are people who are honest and from whom we can become a little less blind.  We are better for having known them.

The best friends probably combine some of both.  They are better off for having known us, but we are also better off for having known them.

I have had some accomplices in my life.  I dont know if you have or not.  We try to color them like friends, but in the end everything is worse for all concerned.

Treasure your friends and let them treasure you.  But beware your accomplices.  It is a little like finding out that the designated driver in your life is drunk too.

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