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What The Hell is A Corned Beef Brisket Made Of?

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:39pm

It’s been one of those days. One of those lousy, crappy days when nothing goes right.

I woke up feeling turdish. My muscles were stiff and achey. Probably from lack of sleep. I’m in a very strange cycle. At least, I think that’s what it is. My mind is manic but my body is just not keeping up. Haven’t been able to sleep a full nite in a couple of weeks despite the constant intake of Tylenol PM and occasional prescription sleep med. I try to sleep. I really do. But, every nite around 10 or 11, my mind rebels. I lay on the sofa doing relaxtion exercises. I even try a form of “The Secret”………ya know, think you are sleepy and you will be sleepy. But, none of that works. So, I haul my ass off to bed, try counting sheep, chickens, unicorns and any other real or fantasized animal that I can think of. But, inevitably, I get back up about 30 minutes later and start all over again. Last nite, I finally fell asleep on the couch in the middle of “Robot Chicken”. My muscles are burning and tight. I’m in desperate need of a full bottle of Flexerill or maybe, a big giant doobie.

I lost my credit card today. I spent hours searching every damn crook and hook around this place trying to find it. Made calls to the business that I last used it at. It was at Kroger’s and a guy named Ben checked me out. I see Ben walking up and down the road a lot talking to himself. Just hoping Ben doesn’t take my card to the local adult bookstore, The Blue Moon, and use it. I’ve seen Ben in front of that naughty nook a few times. It would not be good if there was a charge on my statement for “Natalie Does NASA” or a pocket poontang. Nada… dice…..nuttin’…….that piece of shitty plastic has totally eluded me. I made a call to Visa to see if I could cancel my card but keep hubby’s. Not even. I’d have to cancel both and start with a new account. The problem with that is we don’t even know what real money looks like around this place anymore. Our plastic is used for everything from toilet paper to guns and ammo. I’m seriously screwed right now. I have a dental appt. tomorrow and no way to pay unless I can convince him to take food coupons cut from the newspaper or some live squirrels. I have squirrels out the wahoo here.

What the fuck is a corned beef brisket? I’ve had one on the stove since noon and it’s still the consisentcy of sole of workboot. How does a beef brisket get corned? Or does corn bisket get beefed? It’s almost seven and that piece of meat/corn/brisket is still cooking. I don’t even want to eat it now. I’m just curious on how long it will take to get “done”. I’m not even sure that I’ll know when it’s done. And what am I suppose to eat with it? I dunno.

Just some rambling from a constant cycling mind.

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