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What if there was a plane crash…..

Posted May 15 2010 7:49pm

What if the headline in the morning newspaper told you that there had been a terrible plane crash the night before and 90 people had died?  What if the next day the headline was the same?  90 more people died.  Different crash but another tragedy.  What if the same thing happened day after day?  90 people dead…90 people dead…90 people dead…

When asked about it public officials tell you how tragic the episodes are, but things are tough right now and they just dont have the resources to deal with the crashes.  And the crashes continue each day.

90 people die from suicide each day.  Each and every day.  And throughout this country people in danger, with serious needs, that can often be helped are being told that they cost too much and as much as we would like to help we just cant afford to.

Tomorrow there will be another “airplane crash.”  90 more people will die.  It will not be a front page story.  Most folks will not even be aware.  They may be aware of some numbers, but the horror of what it means to the lives affected will soon seem distant and muted to them.  And the next day another crash will occur.

What a tragedy….  What a huge and horrible tragedy….

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