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What do you think? Should disability be a cause of death?

Posted Dec 18 2009 11:13am

Today I saw a story from Australia about 2 parents suing a doctor who had not told them that their daughter would be born with Down’s syndrome?  They said if they had known she would have never been born.

What do you think?  A simple question:

  • Should disablity be a cause of death?  Should parents have the right to terminate the birth of a child because that child may or may not have a disability?  And if they should how long before it becomes okay to deny a disabled child nourishment and let it die to “put it out of its misery?’  Many doctors and bioethicists already think this is okay by the way…. Dont just shake your head and say no way.  Any door that is opened has a way of being pushed all the way open.

I would be very interested in hearing your opinions.  This is not exactly a mental health issue, but I cant help but thinking about the day when they have “genetic markers” that supposedly tell that a newborn will have a mental illness.  Better to ask the question now….

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