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What do you think about Lithium in drinking water?

Posted May 02 2009 11:29pm
My attention was brought to this article from the BBC:

(Paraphrased) "A Japanese study suggests that the element Lithium in drinking water may reduce the risk of suicide". Hmmmm!!!

To me, that opens up all kinds of "what if"'s. I'm not sure what I think about it. On the one hand, suicide is bad, and although prior to DH being sick, I never understood how it could be a chemical "imbalance", I do now. It would be nice to find a way or ways to prevent more suicides, for sure.

But what about people already on Lithium?

And what about people who react badly to Lithium?

And shouldn't people be allowed to choose what they put into their bodies?

On the other OTHER hand, we've had fluoride added to drinking water for ages, and it seems to be an accepted fact of life now, for people who live in cities or towns. So what is different?

I'm truly not sure how I feel about this, but thought I'd bring it to all of yours' attention(s)!

Here's the link for you:

Click here for Lithium story
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