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Weekend Seroquel (snorting) Tips

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm

Well it’s Friday evening here.

Want to know: How much to snort? What to pay? Where to find it? How it feels?

( no, this is not some “just say no to drugs lecture” )

Here’s a plan. Don’t. It’s not worth it. I’ll tell you why. 

No matter how you ingest it, how you dress it up with other substances, it will still suck. ( there’s a science about why; but I won’t get into it right now.  Let’s just say what it does in the brain causes other goodies’ better effects to be blocked or counteracted.)

So do yourself a favor, stick to what you already know and don’t believe the psych med hype. (hey, that’s a good idea in general IMO-heh)

Picture a “bad drunk” you’re too fucked up to enjoy, much less get up from the floor to navigate your way to any fun opportunities the night may still have to offer. Even if you could manage to lift your body that seems as if it’s being held down by anchors, chances are you’d run into walls and/or fall. (Not in a fun way-more of a “Hey, I want this to wear off/stop NOW-I’m NOT in control, wtf is happening” sort of stupor from hell)  You don’t sit there and laugh, “everything” doesn’t strike you as hilarious, every song is not your favorite and you don’t magically become happy or love everyone.

You will NOT have fun. The night will be a total waste of time and the next day will be a wash as well, because this shit makes you sleep forever. (funny thing is, you still wake up tired-there’s a science behind that too…maybe later.)  Kiss the majority of your hard earned weekend good-bye.

It_just_sucks, because it is seroquel.

Here is a link to a site where people have written about various seroquel experiences and experiments. No one seemed to recommend it.

I don’t recommend it.

Patients who are supposed to take it are not united on recommending it for the things it claims to help for fucks-sake. Seems the only people who do recommend this poison are docs and the company that rakes in the big bucks from it.  AstraZeneca.

It makes you wonder why “the law” isn’t more up on this stuff, doesn’t it? Why the drug company, AstraZeneca, isn’t up in arms that their “wonder-pill” is becoming a street drug…( AND a date rape drug )

Why? They don’t give a shit about YOU or the patients they are harming with this crap as long as they are making money. ( see other posts for the horrific side effects )  Your regular dealer gives more of a damn about you than AstraZeneca. ( as long as they’re not some dealer selling you seroquel, that is )  Dr. Honeydew gave a hell of a lot more of a good gawd damn about his Beaker, Swim, last week than those two doctors who gave seroquel (for off-label use) to her-no questions asked!

It’s Friday.  It’s your choice.  It’s your money.  It’s your health.  It’s your weekend. It’s not AstraZeneca’s.

I recommend that you have a good time, you’ve earned it. I don’t recommend seroquel.

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