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Trying to not be a douche-bag. Or a hoe-bag.

Posted Jun 21 2010 9:01pm
I'm looking at things from a Karma perspective and trying to give "good" energy out to the world in hopes that hell, I just may up my intake of the same. Granted, I'm still "me" (which entails being a smartass and calling things as I see them), but I've cleaned up my "friends with benefits" act. I cut that out a little over 3 months ago and have had my legs crossed since then.

Wait, it's been since St. Paddy's day. That night I got nekked with my friend's cousin-in-law. I thought he may have had dating potential after our evening, but unfortunately nice guys don't want to date hookers that sleep with them on the first (albeit intoxicated as all hell) night they meet. It prompted me to do some introspection... and I came up with the decision to knock that crap off.

If it happens to work out, I think it may be nice to find a good guy and whatnot. I figure that the only way I could attract "good-guy energy" is if I myself am a good-girl. So that's what I have been up to. Or, *not* up to. Is it boring? HELL YES. Am I horny way too much of the time? HELL YES. But, as with anything, I hope it will turn out well in the end.

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