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TOOTH and a wee-bit of the crazies...

Posted Feb 14 2010 6:26pm
My tooth, jaw, head, right ear, and right eye are killing me. This is NOT a good thing. Thankfully I have my dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon. But... there is a butt-load of snow forecast for tonight... so... well, I hope like hell that Mr. Dentist Man can get his butt into the office! I will be damned if I don't get seen and get some drugs! I'm dying over here.


Today I have gotten jack-shit done for school. I have screwed around and done hell only knows what on my laptop, without actually being productive. I feel like a moron. But I been "busy", so... screw it all. It sucks because I have an essay for a stupid ass "floofy" class due at 12am this evening. It is definitely not done. I have not motivation for it and when I do get the motivation it will last for about 5 minutes and then I will remember that I need to also do this or that, find an Under Armor hoodie online, or make a move on the Scrabble games on my iPhone, or check school email, or do this or that but it is NEVER any of the important things on my literal to-do list. And now it is time to buckle down for the essay and I am in so much pain that my eyes are about to start watering up. Which obviously, lowers my motivation even further. Oh balls. This is stupid.

I will turn on my iTunes and hopefully the music will keep my wound-up ADD brain occupied while the rest of me focuses on the essay assignment. And I am definitely going to find some aspirin.


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