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Time and tide wait for no man to promote senior cheap nike shox tl1 grade door

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:23am
When the the sky snow flying between heaven and earth, and you like to stand in the snow motionless, and then told me about the love story of Sakura and snow. I'm looking at you serious expression, so faint pain touched. You often repeat your sister said, winter has come, can spring be far behind?Once upon a time. The phrase encompasses your faith. So you carries the dream the struggling giant valley trek in the mountains in search of bright spring day you want. You are a lonely child, you have been living in the eye of others is despicable; you cheap nike shox agent stubborn child, you have been living in the misery of life tempered strong where. I know that my company can not change your life, but. I want you to feel a little human warmth, even if a little is good too! You are so kind, I see you happy forever, all the tears you sway in the darkness of night was still evaporate in the damp air. Your to forbear own sadness, fate cocoon, struggling. I could not use their hands warm defuse the moisture of your palm. After all, this cocoon only you can bite through.

Father taught me to stand up for yourself, and you let me smiling Society pain. I believe, the genial spring always blown away by the cold winter snows. So, I've been trying to practice, never stagnant.The endless clouds crack, a soft moonlight falling on my window, my hand, fingertips touching two dreams. Tears flying in winter and lilac fragrance of spring together eventually see.Their song, and from the top of the sky drifted down. Clear water look. Small Z is my friend and his best buddies, like me, is a "sad" people."In fact, we are the sunshine, the love of their parents, but also in the lonely wind quietly grew up in a group of wayward the lonely. Raisin rebellious child." Small Z always the case.For small Z point, I agree.Yes, we are born in the era of a "hit" a good family, and have more choices in the material; but also this and nothing more.Time flies, time flies when Time and tide wait for no man to promote senior cheap nike shox tl1 grade door, when the whirling wheel of time, when we are operating this impressively leaving teachers mark red in December 2007 × × Day hearts can not help but startled, at this moment this sec away in 2008, ten days time, some can not believe, can not believe the the Olympic Fuwa positive hand in hand toward us ...
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