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Tiffany Rings delicious, renowned St. Phoenix on non-lead Ye Hailan has been

Posted Nov 21 2012 2:45pm
Liu Fu hotel are people going, this is one of the three hotels, luxury rich, Tiffany Rings attract a lot of rich families, complete dishes, delicious, renowned St. Phoenix on non-lead Ye Hailan has been up to the second floor, which others have eyebrows. "That's not his Highness does? By him who is the girl? ” Not be the daughter of his Royal Highness? Very beautiful. "" Crazy, his Royal Highness was less than 18 years of age, how can such a great daughter" "Well It is blue, that wastes"four families a teenager suddenly exclaimed, the entire first floor in an uproar "No, Cheap Tiffany Co she is Miss Ye Jiu, Ah, how looks cute, is not at all like waste? "" I hear Miss nine is to recharge before, you know, his Royal Highness was suddenly on the front. "" Ah, turns out to be so" "Really, I guess so. ” …… First floor, very busy, said what has. "Blue, you're famous. "Phoenix not from Earth quaking ROAR. Ye Hai blue may wish to ridicule a smile, "I'm here to show off to his Royal Highness, I don't want to become famous is hard. Tiffany & Co Outlet"The sound, slightly mocking. Non-Phoenix from the mysterious smile, is silent, both of them up to the second floor, above is a lot quieter, however, Ye Hailan was seen at a glance Ye Haiyu, Ye Haizhu haiyun ye several girls. They also seem to see her, talk they were sinking in the face, looked at her with a look of jealous and non-feng, distort the face. Ye Hailan says, it really is married to narrow roads.Ye Haiyu angry stare leaves blue, she leaves home is rising now, to honor than any one miss, Ye Haiyu thought of all this is we've indirectly caused, and regret and anger. Ye Hailan curse is broken. Phoenix status of non-naturally ignore Ye Haiyu them, fairly pulled Ye Hailan in a window seat and sit down, Mens Nike Air Max LTD caused a second, asked blue what would you want to eat, Ye Hailan with his position. Phoenix non-smiling look askance at her with ridicule, he called several of his favorite snack, xieni Ye Hailan laughs, "small things, leaf is a past abuse you are 13 years old, this is nice, it is......" He wanted to kiss her but I think against seedlings. Ye Hai blue sweet smile, "I grew up, you have the ability to. "" It must be, not raising you, how could I face to eat? ”Table one sword could not resist, just drink water spraying out, next to the Hyperion with alacrity to the opposite one, escape his sky rain of flowers, a face convulsion. His Royal Highness, your Highness, you are evil. Too vicious. To molesting a little girl should be so red, bare, vicious. Ye Hailan childhood is less three of twisted abdominal heijia tune, play the rendered naturally understood what he said, exceedingly beautiful face is a bit dark, this guy is better than his father and also you want to distort. Air Jordan 6 holds little girl pure mind, pretend to not understand, a lively downstairs, one Knight and one of the conflicts, competing for a spot, and beat up. "Hey, guess who wins? "Choose Ye Hailan asked Phoenix non-eyebrow, under his head," blue win. "It is a three stars Division. Not out for a few minutes, three stars Division win, blue dark thought in her skill, although not through detection of unions, Moncler Jackets Sale but there are indeed eligible for five-star big Division, coupled with the magic level, on this continent, a secondary skill? ButEyes alight upon non-Phoenix, she is a very large distance away from his, seemed only to make more effort. The world, strong focus, wants to lead group, must have sufficient strength. "Blue, you don't last and do say hello to your sister? "Phoenix not ask with a smile, don't watch them in Ye Hailan, pale road," are not good! "Phoenix not from Earth quaking ROAR, this girl, is cold enough! Tiffany and Co Outlet Ye Haiyu almost crooked face, anger, Ye Haiyu, she sneered, deliberately raised voice, "I hear the sea is coming back, I do not know how long can someone arrogant, hum! "* II, and collection, and recommended. 043 the body committed to Black Dragon novels network update time: 2011-4-27 15:33:39 of words in this chapter: 2,808 ()-sea, Ye Hai statement, Miss v. Ye Hailan know, this generation, are Ye Haiyan and most excellent Ye Haifan, is proud, Ye Haiyan and Phoenix from non-personal friend of Benedict,
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