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This is the city: Los Angeles, California. I Live Here. I'm a Nut.

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:46pm

Remember the tv show Dragnet? (Please don't mention that awful Hanks/Akroyd movie). Well, I have some surprising news for you. The real power in Los Angeles is the Chamber of Commerce. If you no longer see me post it's because I have been accosted for sharing the following information: Los Angeles is not all warm sunny days and palm lined streets. Shocking, I'm sure, but true.

Yesterday was one of those cold dreary days. Certainly you don't read this blog for a weather report, but it's pertinent because it made me on the depressed side again as I've said weather usually does.

I'm hypomanic. The laypersons definition of that would be that I am both depressed and manic at the same time. What a joy. I was able to get a lot of chores done. No, not the laundry, but I'll spare the details. Yet at the same time was sad, down, edgy and irritable. Overall not one of my better days. (sigh) I love the manic states where I feel high as a kite like I can take on the world. I don't like the depressive states but at least I stay in bed and may get some rest. This hypomania shit means I'm feeling like crap yet am too edgy to just lay low. Just hangin' and being cool is a state law in California, so that is an even larger offense I'm breaking than telling the truth about L.A.

I've mentioned before that hypomania is not as common. Apparently most with mood disorders may be manic or depressed but not usually at the same time. Why the hell is it that all my unique qualities suck?

I posted that for the past week I've had weird sleep. I woke up every hour yet in the mornings I still pop right out of bed. I couldn't figure it out because even though I was awake, some days I had a groggy feel. Then, I remembered some information that was rather important. When my doctor switched me to Abilify, which is a mood stabilizer that has less of an effect on weight, she mentioned it may make me too perky at night. Now the important part - she very flippantly said "If that happens just take it in the morning." Ahem. Ok, I'm glad I finally thought of it now. It may be a part of what's making me feel like crap. Any kind of a med change, including times I take them, give me an edgy feel for a bit.

So last night I had virtually no sleep, today I'm awake again, yet irritable and edgy. I hope everyone around me is safe.

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