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Things May Be A Bit Quiet Around Here…

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

…for a while? Right.  How many times have I said that one before? Although, for this round, it might stick? Oh, who knows! I might be back tomorrow with a post!

In a word: School.  No, let’s add two more: Sleep Deprivation (another crazy number of hours last night!) Wow.  I can not believe at what a pace we are gunning! I thought I was busy before? Yikes! More is being piled on, in-class work.

Not to mention, today, PA became “TA!” That would be, “Teaching Assistant!” OMG.  Our Instructor is dying from some insane infection, so she asked me to come up with tomorrow’s work! AHHH!!! All in, it’s quite funny, extremely flattering, and horrifyingly embarrassing!!! *laughing*

I’m also not quite sure what I am to do.  Well, I have to burn CDs for everyone.  I think I can manage that. *rolls eyes*  However, the Lesson Plan? It’s from another textbook she has, not the one we are using. *attempts to look scholarly while scratching head*

I tried to ask her some questions today, and she told me she couldn’t think at all. *laughing*  Plus, she said she is a highly visual person like me.  She needs to “see,” in order to “do.”  Because she lost all ability to think, she also lost all ability to see! *laughing more*

It’s all good though.  She just told me to do “whatever.” *laughing even harder*

Again, it’s all good.  She and I are definitely friends.  I had said before, I suspected that would happen.  Now, it’s “confirmed.”  She went through something personal that, to me, was obviously rather difficult.  She was open about it in class.  The other crazy, and immature gals acted…well, crazy and immature! With utmost strength, I refrained from running out of the building, hailing a taxi, and heading to the closest hospital to admit myself!

I sent our Instructor a short email, telling her I hoped she was alright, and reiterated that she could speak to me if she needed support, or to vent, anything.  I signed off with “hugs,” and said I didn’t care if it was “inappropriate,” due to our “professional relationship.”  HA!

She responded, and thanked me for caring.  She said it was rare to see that people actually cared in the world, and that my attitude would take me very far (…ohhhh…)  Then she said that hugs are always good, and basically: “Screw our professional relationship! We’re friends!” That’s pretty awesome, I think.  Also, it will be totally awesome in the summer! She and her partner have a pool! I’m already invited to come on over and paddle around when it gets warmer! W00t!

Anyway, hopefully wee, sleep deprived PA won’t go positively bonkers with all of this going on! I can’t even remember when she said our course was ending.  It’s soon, but I’ll have to ask.  I was so out of it, and tired, tired, tired today! I was trying to work on tomorrow’s “Lesson Plan,” but I could barely read! I even threw on my headphones while working on baby MacBook, to shut everyone and everything out!

I’m bringing baby MacBook every day, as well.  It seems to be proving very useful! I got a bit of a leg up on my new duties as “TA!” Despite being so exhausted, and brain dead as well, I did make some progress.  I ensured that the all the files were in tact, and (presumably), “burnable.”  I did make some notes, and get a vague idea of what the hell the assignment was about? I think? *scratches head again*

Wait a minute.  This is kind of funny, too.  If I do the “Lesson Plan,” I guess I’ll do a pretty good job on the real “Assignment?” Actually, I’m going to have to do the “Assignment” to create the “Lesson Plan.” I’ve never seen it!!! Or heard it (there are sound files.)  Based upon those, I think I need to finish templates for the Instructor for marking! They’re not in the textbook!!! BWAH-HAH-HAH!!!

Holy, crap.  I need more tea.  Maybe that will help? *bows down on knees to the Earl of Grey*

Regardless, if PA Land does remain a bit quiet, I’ll still be around.  I’m not going anywhere.  Just an email away?

Although, if you don’t hear from me, I did run screaming out of class, I did hail that taxi, and went to whatever hospital that would take me! It didn’t have to be in close proximity to the building at all! I’ll try to send word if I’m not in a little ball, shaking in a corner, trying to grasp my drool cup with both of my hands. *smirks*

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